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The Azure Collaboration Platform is ingeniously constructed upon the Microsoft Platform, harnessing the power of Teams, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, PowerBI, ChatGPT4, and a host of other cutting-edge tools. The result? An open and endlessly extensible platform bursting with limitless possibilities.

Our platform utilizes open REST services, seamlessly integrating with AMSes. And guess what? We’re ready to collaborate with you to extend it to the AMS systems that matter most to you.

We understand that some of our clients will desire extensive customization for the platform. That’s where our developer partners come into play. They bring unique ideas that cater specifically to their needs, as well as ideas that elevate the platform for everyone. We’re seeking developers who can discern between the two and work alongside us in this exciting journey.

As a developer partner, you’ll have the opportunity to market your extensions on our platform, opening up a new revenue stream. The exciting part? Keeping pace with the innovation powerhouse that is Microsoft.

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