The easiest way to retain members?

Make your association invaluable.

Azure Collaboration Platform is a powerful collaboration platform that empowers you and your constituents to build online communities that significantly elevate your association’s capacity to collect, create, share, and sell knowledge.

Your association’s strength lies in its sense of community.

Why do people join associations? Knowledge and Networking.

Your members want to grow professionally, share ideas, expand their business, work with new people, and ultimately better the industry.

You need to provide them with a space where that can happen.

What is Azure Collaboration Platform?

It’s everything your AMS isn’t.

We take your AMS, integrate it into the most powerful collaboration platform in the world, and get your constituents working together.

Azure Collaboration Platform (ACP) is a revolutionary online collaboration platform that gives your community fully configurable spaces to connect in and endless applications to collaborate with. All while making it very easy for you to manage those spaces and track member engagement.

ACP is a web-based platform that runs on Microsoft Teams. It can be integrated with any Association Management System and is accessible by any user on any modern browser or a mobile, tablet, or Mac/PC native app.

Believe it when you see it.

How is ACP different?

The benefits of using ACP:

Elevate Your Association

Azure Collaboration Platform empowers you to boost value for your association like never before.

ACP makes it easy to:

Empower Your Community

Enable members to engage, collaborate, and learn together through:

Empowering Connections

For Associations

Enrich your growing community.

For Potential Partners

Let's help you connect with collaboration communities.

For Developers

Provide solutions that will benefit collaboration communities.
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