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ProfessorBOK is one of our Teams apps that one can install on any community channel. It exists as a web page today and we will have a Teams BOT version soon. ProfessorBOK allows you to securely upload your Knowledge documents as PDFs to Microsoft Teams and then have members access that data via the portal …

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  This is a simple Board of directors application.  It has tabs for bylaws, budgeting(committee), note taking options for meetings, note taking, budgeting and other apps.   While the title says BOD it can be used for any recurring meeting.  The template has  Note taking, AI driven transcription services, budget templates,  File management Over 1950 …

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Organize Help Desk

  Collaborate on documentation, policy, and processes that support your help desk. Integrate your existing ticketing system or use our template to manage requests.1

Quality and Safety

  Centralize communication, access to resources, and plant operations with your team. Include policy and procedure documents, training videos, safety notices, and shift handover processes. 

Retail for Managers

Create a team for a set of managers to collaborate across stores or regions.

Crisis Communications2

Dig this:Centralize collaboration for your crisis team across business units and help create business continuity plans, share remote working tips, track customer communication, and keep everyone in the loop with announcements and news. This app is brought to you by AMSGeek!

Bank Branch

Centralize collaboration for your bank branch employees across huddles, customer meetings, and business processes such as mortgage collaboration. Also, keep everyone in the loop with announcements and kudos.

Patient Care

Streamline healthcare communication and collaboration within a ward, pod, or department. The template can be used to facilitate patient management, as well as the operational needs of a ward.

Manage a Store

Bring your retail employees together in one central experience to manage tasks, share documents, and resolve customer issues. Integrate additional applications to streamline shift start & end processes.

Onboard Employees

  Improve your culture and streamline your employee onboarding with this central team for resources, questions, and a bit of fun.

Frontline Collaboration

Bring your frontline team together to stay connected. Communicate, track tasks, and swap shifts with your teammates in real time.

Manage Volunteers

Manage tasks, documents and collaborate on everything you need to empower volunteers in your organization. Integrate with the Cloud for Nonprofit Volunteer Management app.

Manage a Project

Manage tasks, share documents, conduct project meetings and document risks and decisions with this template for general project management.

Adopt Office 365

Help build, grow, and sustain your Champions community rollout by evangelizing and helping your peers with the new technology.

Manage an Event

Manage tasks, documents, and collaborate on everything you need to deliver a compelling event. Invite guest users to have a secure collaboration inside and outside of your company.

Incident Response

Centralize communication and critical resources for your crisis management or incident response team. Use online meetings to improve information flow and situational awareness.


Streamline communication and collaboration between multiple wards, pods, and departments within a hospital. This template includes a set of base channels for hospital operations, and can be self extended to include specialties, ad-hoc.

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