It’s time to reimagine your community.  

A cost-effective, highly configurable community platform.

Equip your constituents with an extraordinary capacity for collaboration and retention rates will soar!

The best associations?

The ones with the happiest constituents.

How do they do it?

By being industry leaders in innovation.

In vibrant associations with high retention rates (happy constituents), we see members, volunteers, partners, and staff, all working together to enhance ideas, produce compelling content, and educate for the future of their industry.

Community and collaboration are the keys to a thriving association. When your members can connect, they will share, learn, and grow! The easier it is to collaborate, the better your content will be. 

So, it’s your job to give them the best platform to connect and collaborate on, while also making it easy for your staff to accurately capture your constituents’ knowledge, broadcast it to the community, and monetize it effectively. 

Make happy constituents!

See retention rates soar with Azure Collaboration Platform.

Azure Collaboration Platform blows all of those limiting factors out of the water.

Other platforms and programs are constrained by the limits of their in-house resources. Their development is slow, integration with your other software is limited, and configuration options are minimal.

That’s why we’ve built our platform off of Microsoft Teams.

With Microsoft Teams at the core of our platform and ACP’s seamless ability to integrate your AMS, we open the doors to an incredibly cost-effective and highly configurable community solution. With the push of a button, you can add apps and extend your community further than ever before. 

Unlock endless opportunities for capturing and collaborating within your association: 

  • Create and manage both general and specific communities effortlessly. 
  • Employ third-party developers to tailor AAE to your unique needs.
  • Leverage AI to transcribe and translate meetings in any language.
  • Quickly search chats and forums for pertinent information.
  • Collaborate in real-time to edit documents together.

With Microsoft Teams at the core of our ergonomic community space, you’ll find yourself in a sandbox with every tool at your disposal. The sky’s the limit!

Extendibility: Communities can be extended with thousands of add-on modules and content can be shared and updated in real time with complete auditing and rollback features.

Freedom: There are thousands of 3rd party consultants and developers that can help you adapt and configure your communities.

Affordability: Already have Office 365? then you probably own most of the components required. This solution has more features at much less cost than legacy communities.

Let’s level up your association!

Empower your constituents and be invaluable to your industry.

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