Professor BOK : Members use ChatGPT to securely get to your Body of Knowledge

ProfessorBOK is one of our Teams apps that one can install on any community channel. It exists as a web page today and we will have a Teams BOT version in 2 weeks. THis app was a ton of fun to create and we look forward to many more.

ProfessorBOK allows you to securely upload your Knowledge documents as PDFs to Microsoft Teams and then have members access that data via the portal or the Team BOT.

Your knowledge is secured, it is private and only constituents with access to the specific Team and Channel or the Portal page can access the content. You can completely control what type of member can get to and see this knowledge.

We believe with members being able to pull and create documents from the vast amount of knowledge the association produces will help the member with their work lives… Mark my words, this is a game changer because for once this technology is extremely powerful and inexpensive a the same time!

First ask your question.

Then press submit.


Wait for the results.


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