Microsoft Teams by the Numbers

From 2019 to 2023, Microsoft Teams has increased by 1400% in annual users, going from 20 million annual users, in 2019, to 300 million by late 2022. It’s easily the largest and fastest-growing collaboration platform.

It’s with consideration of the worldwide success and cross-industry preference for Teams, that we’ve decided to build our community platform on top of it.

Let’s look at some of the hard statistics that Teams can boast:

  • Over 300+ million monthly active users
  • 6.2 billion collaboration chats per year
  • Over 1 billion meeting minutes per day
  • Over 2000 add-on apps
  • Growth rates in excess of 894% from March to June of 2020
  • Over one million organizations use Teams as their default messaging platform
  • Available in 181 countries and 44 different languages
  • Over 183,000 educational institutions use Teams

With over 300 million current users and a world where remote work and online collaboration are imperative to business growth; Teams continues to grow every years and won’t be slowing down.

Teams vs. Slack

In 2018, Teams surpassed Slack’s total users. During the COVID pandemic, organizations flocked to Teams because of their video and calling features as well as their ability to integrate real-time collaboration on files within the user’s interface. Since then, Teams has been the preferred choice for organizations that


Why is Microsoft Teams the Best Solution for Collaboration?

Every year, Microsoft invests massive resources into Teams to craft a better collaboration platform that more perfectly suits the needs of working professionals. We’ve built our AMS-syncing community platform on top of Teams so we have the advantage of using every update Microsoft puts out to configure our platform for your association’s ever-evolving needs.

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